Besides the movie ‘No Country for Old Men’ what are other sophisticated cat and mouse movies?

Cat-and-mouse game is one of the most intriguing movie themes of all time. As the woofs and harps woven by the so-called rat and cat become so haphazard that each bump into unnecessary traps created by the other kindling anxiety, humor, and thrill among the viewers. Several films in Hollywood depict the cat and mouse play.

Is ‘No Country for Old Men’ the only Hollywood movie that depicts a cat and mouse game?

Most crime thriller movies in Hollywood are like the cat and mouse game. One of the best films of all time is ‘No Country for Old Men’. Apart from that, you can see many other movies like this. Some of the movies are noted below:

Good Time

This is one of the best crime thriller movies of 2017. The story is focused on the life of two brothers. Connie Nikas along with his brother Nick robs a bank in Queens. They manage to secure the cash but Nick is thrown to jail for robbery. His brother Nikas tries to save his brother from jail and plays a cat and mouse game with the cops.


This movie invites you for a dark joyride in the city of Los Angeles. The movie is a hypnotic crime thriller burster. A man works as a stunt driver who helps the criminals in Los Angeles. He makes a relationship with the neighboring lady. Their relationship breaks when her husband, who is a criminal, is released from jail. The movie is completely filled with suspense, is hyper-stylized, hyper-violent, and has a killer attitude.

History of Violence

This is an action crime thriller. The movie plot is about a well-mannered man who becomes a hero when he is forced to attack the thieves who are trying to rob the restaurant. This forces him to face the consequences which terribly affect his family life.


This is a British-American black comedy crime thriller movie. The main focus of the movie is two Irish hitmen hiding from their enraged boss. By the order of their boss, one of them tries to shoot a priest during the confession but he accidentally kills a boy in the church. After that, they go into hiding.

Final Words

Though the list of these types of movies will not end, these are some of the movies in Hollywood with crime and suspense thrillers. There will be a lot more movies like this cat and mouse game because this is a theme that will exist as long as man exists.