Can the movie Cats be saved by recreating the live action and sets with animation (like a Pixar movie) and keeping the audio track the same?

There’s a famous play called the Fantasticks[1] that’s minimalist in its set design. the total list of things on set is: A platform A cardboard moon A stick (to represent a wall, or to carry up the moon signifying it’s night) A tattered drape across the front of the platform with the words “The Fantasticks” written thereon. That’s it. Yet, its story is so compelling it had been the longest run within the world, bringing an audience back year after year. When you walk into a stage production of “Cats” you’re implicitly agreeing to play pretend with the adult actors on stage that they’re who the play says they are: cats. rather like in Fantasticks you pretend a stick may be a wall and that’s your entire “set.” If you visited “the Lion King” play, the stage effects were fine and every one, but it wasn’t CGI or maybe animated. it absolutely was people and puppets. Somehow, nobody corrected whomever it had been that decided to create it look the way it does. They COULD used Zootopia as inspiraiton. I mean: the initial T.S. Elliot inspiration didn’t consult with them as anything apart from cats. The play itself is “bengal cat for sale” not “humans dressed up as cats.” Zootopia’s animals all were arguably mostly their animals, and really little “human” to them. only enough to induce the animals to face upright and grab things with their forepaws. I haven’t seen the movie, so if there’s lots of weirdness there, too, I can’t discuss it. I’m just commenting on the planning. It’s like trying to rebuild a car as an airplane: yeah, I suppose you may, but it’s not visiting be superb. The audio track was designed for the film that you simply see: the pacing, the intonation, the framing, etc. whether or not the new visuals look nicer, they’ll be constrained by the present vocal choices — which aren’t bad, per se, but they’re chosen for one thing and can’t be adapted into another without creating a distinct uncanny valley. Besides, animation is insanely expensive. to try and do Pixar-quality animation, you’d spend most money and time that you just might also just redo the vocal tracks in addition. Then you’d have have a unified creative vision instead of a mishmash. Given how problematic the visuals are, you may be ready to make a far better movie that way. But you couldn’t make a decent movie, and you’d waste plenty of cash trying. A director made a choice. It didn’t work. Sucks for the producers, and it sucks for the audience, but that’s art. If you can’t try that fail, then you can’t take a chance that succeed