Do kittens love watching movies with their owners?

There is no surprise for the kitten owners to observe them watching the movies on the TV. What surprises them instead, is why they are watching the movies so intently when they do not understand the language, the content & the characters of the movie?

However, the fact remains that the kittens watch TV and many times react to them as well.

So, our curiosity is to know, do the kittens really love to watch movies with their owners?

Here are a few observations about this behavior of the kittens


Do kittens see the colors the same as we do?

Cats see some of the colors like yellow, blue, and green color in the full spectrum. However, they can’t see many colors like red so clearly. For this reason, the overall picture that they see is not as bright and vibrant as we humans see.

Having said you would have observed that while your cat is watching the movie with you, it suddenly gets up and rush towards the TV and hits it as though it is trying to hunt something. Though we know that cats enjoy the window watching and there are known reasons for that, however, it is intriguing to most of the owners what allures cats to the movies?

Do kittens see images at the same frequency as we do?

45 Hz is the frequency at which the human eyes process the images. The TV streams the movie images at a frequency of 60 Hz. For this reason, we see these images as an uninterrupted movie.

Cats, however, process images at a frequency of 70-80 Hz. It means that their frequency of processing the images is more than the rate of displayed images in a movie. So, instead of seeing the images as continuous motion, they also see the gaps in between. These flickering images might be the reason for keeping them amused and glued to the movies on the TV.

What does cat like to see on the TV?

You guessed it right. Well, here there is a similarity between the cats and the humans. We like to see on the TV and in the movies the same thing that we want in the real world.

Cats want to see their prey in their real world and the studies have indicated that they get most attracted by seeing the images of the birds or the mice in the movies as well.

Fine, but the different cat owners share different experiences of their pets regarding their behavior. Some cats are more reactive to TV movies than others.

Some studies suggest that it can have many reasons. One reason is associated with the individual’s cat behavior as a part of their evolutionary instinct of hunting. Cats with more hunting drive would observe these images more quickly and thus would react more aggressively towards the movie than the others.

The other reason is more related to the other stimulating options available to different cats. Cats that get to play with toys or watch outside the windows more frequently do not get stimulated by the TV movies. The absence of such stimulants makes the other cats attracted to the movies on the TV.

Final Thoughts

So, we understood that kittens love watching movies with their owners. Some kittens like it more than the others and some even react more aggressively than the others. We understood that evolutionary instinct and lack of stimulants are the major reasons behind this specific feline behavior.

Having said, except for the harm that kitten can do to itself by jumping on to the TV for catching the prey, watching a movie does not cause any health issues to the kittens including the weakening of eyesight, etc.