If Dogs Are Smarter Than Cats In Real Life, Why Do Most Animated Movies Seem To Portray Cats As Smarter Than Dogs?

The loyalty of dogs proves more hazardous to them when it comes to matters of intelligence whereas cats never adhere to any such emotions. Though dogs are smarter than cats there are more advantageous features that a cat possesses for making it look smarter in animated movies.

What Are The Features That Make Cats Look Smarter Than Dogs?

A normal cat is even less the size of a dog. It is easy for the actors to carry it in their hands. Moreover, it looks cuter than the dogs. A cat has the freedom to move in any nuke and corner of the house as if she is the sole owner of the particular house. Their meowing sound is much more melodious than the barking sound of the dog, which kids enjoy more and try to imitate. Let us further find out the other positives of using a feline in animated movies.

Why Do Most Animated Movies Portray Cats As Smarter Than Dogs?

The superiority of cat vs dog has been a topic of controversy from time immemorial which has even led to detailed researches. The findings though supported dogs as their brain consists of multiple neurons than the cats.

Coming to films, though both animals are entirely different in characteristics, the directors claim that the performances of cats rate high compared to the docile, meek, polite, loyal dogs that hold no much drama. The independent nature of the cat makes it graceful and flexible to any circumstances that it manages properly.

The research done about cat people and dog people (though nothing to do with these animals literally) proved that the cat type people were more intelligent than the dog type people who could handle matters with elegance.

How The Smartness Of A Cat Compared To A Dog Has Been Proved With An Experiment?

Experiments had been conducted to prove the efficiency of both animals. Once several objects were arranged on the floor and the animals were made to walk without knocking them down. The cool cat successfully managed to cover the distance whereas the dog was hesitant even to try the bait.

Final Words

All these features together conclude that the efficiency of cats in handling any situation is better than the dogs. Also, the cat is easy to handle and not very hostile to circumstances and people. Its adept nature makes it a winner everywhere, perhaps an example of the ‘survival of the fittest’. It claims a better performer than the canine dog.