Kittens: The All-time Favorite Co-stars of the Movies

From drama to horror, to action and sometimes in comedy, cats have played an important role in some of the greatest films in Hollywood. The Godfather, The Long Goodbye, and Men in Black are some of the popular movies involving cats.

Human obsession towards cats is apparent and sometimes it gets exhibited in an extraordinary style like in the movie Keanu where 7 tabby kittens were used to shoot the movie. This movie is based on retrieving the stolen kitten.

Like Keanu, many more movies have used kittens in the main lead role or as the supporting actor. We will discuss here some of the famous movies casting cats in a significant role.

All-time Favorite Cat Movies

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The most interesting fact about this movie involving the feline is that nine cats had given the audition for this role. Finally, a professionally trained cat actor Orangey was selected for the character. Being trained helped immensely to use the cat as a sandwich between two love birds amidst continuously falling raindrops. For her role in the movie, Orangey was given the Patsy Award which is equivalent to the Oscar for humans.

The Sick Kitten

The Sick Kitten movie moves around two children who play a doctor-patient game with a kitten suffering from an unknown disease. Finally, when the kitten licks the medicine (which actually is milk), she gets cured in no time. Both the children congratulate each other on their success with a winning smile on their faces.

Men in Black’ – Orion

Often you see a cat playing the role of a pet or a co-star to the main lead, but you would never have seen a cat as a guardian of the whole galaxy. Orion in this movie has played the role of a protagonist who protects Arquillian’s owner’s valuable possession in her collar from the humans and the Bugs.

Meet the Parents (2000)

Mr. Jinx cat played as a side character in this comic movie but he left a positive impression on the viewers. It was shown in the film that this cat is very intelligent, smart, and at the same time assertive. Though he knows how to use a human toilet he is too arrogant to use it for his business and rather use a broken vase filled with the ashes of the cremated persons.

Final Words

Cats are a famous character in any of the movies whether it is animated or real. Many other animals have also been featured in different movies but cats hold a special place in the minds of movie lovers.