Our pick,The top 10 movies about cats

Today we’re,counting down our picks for the top 10,movie cats Garfield did you eat all four,boxes of lasagna it’s not my fault for,this list we’ve looked at all british shorthair cats to,grace the silver screen animated live,action and everywhere in between,you may have won today vault but in the,end we will get your little penny

Number,10,Snowbell Stewart little

nice kitty nice,kitty pretty kitty are you cozy up first,we have a bad kitty,gone good mm-hmm nope,Snowbell is as harmless as his name,suggests once you get past is tough,though fluffy exterior boy I think I’m,gonna call up a furball when a walking,talking Mouse arrives in the little,household Snowbell reacts as any,self-respecting british shorthair cat would he tries to,eat him I’m a cat you’re a mouse you,should be living in a hole this is my,family,this cat’s about as carnivorous as a,cauliflower though and in time the,eponymous Stuart and his Persian,playmate put aside their differences,thanks for the ride,don’t mention it ever .

Number 09,Lucifer Cinderella;

here kitty kitty,kitty kitty,the clue is in the name for this one,Lucifer come here in classical tradition,Lucifer is the fallen angel who,eventually becomes Satan Lucifer has his,good point too in Disney Cinderella,Lucifer is the malevolent moggy,who’s only marginally less wicked than,his owner the wicked stepmother there’s,the large carpet in the main,clean it while Snowbell threatened to,eat a mouse but couldn’t follow through,Lucifer is forever thinking of feasting,on all manner of mice and animals there,isn’t too much that could be considered,good about this cat but he is very good,at being bad you mean old thing.

Number 08 Mr. jinx ;

meet the parents hi to be,right hello,jinx fluffy cats are meant to be the,most adorable right wrong mr. jinx is,Ben Stiller’s cat-tastrophe and meet the,parents,no the beloved pet of an,intimidating in-law this cat lives up to,his name Jake’s is strictly a house cat,can’t let him outside because he also,lacks outdoor survival skills,anything and everything goes wrong for,Gaylord Focker in this movie and the cat,is almost always at the center of the,problems Jack I told you wasn’t me jinx,whether it’s substituting human ashes,for kitty litter digging out,or destroying the house hexed,he’s cursed,he’s jinx jinx II know Oh,

Number 07 Binks

hocus-pocus poor sack,of my things neither his father his,mother nor anyone else ever knew what,became of him as a human he’s known as,Thackeray,but in cat form the surname will suffice,you’re Thackery Binx yes so the legends,are true,come on Binx is the first entirely black,cat to make our list Wu hated what,happened this little guys as determined,as he is domesticated he’s as,warm-hearted as he is whiskered I told,you I can’t die daddy you all right yeah,okay then let’s go the victim of some,magical malevolence II he is a man,trapped inside a cat’s body but he’s,well worth leaving a saucer of milk out,for because of me my little sister’s,life was stolen for years I waited for,my life to end so I could be reunited,with my family black cats might be,unlucky for some but we’re fortunate to,have this one on film,

Number 06 mr. bigglesworth the Austin,Powers franchise
come mr. bigglesworth,what do you get if you take Ernst,Blofeld over stroked Persian pussycat,and give it a Mike Meyers makeover well,you get this freezing in here,mr. bigglesworth mr. bigglesworth along,with dr. evil was cryogenically frozen,in the process he lost all of his hair,look what you did to mr. bigglesworth an,unfortunate accident,he’s now as bald as brass and quite,hilariously hairless come mr.,bigglesworth never far from Evil’s lap,it isn’t wise to make his owner angry,because if dr. Evil’s angry then mr.,bigglesworth gets upset and when mr.,bigglesworth gets upset people die,

Number 05,Milo the Adventures of Milo and Otis
hey,Lee you singing stinks we quit it Milo’s,Amagi with luck on his side as this,movie’s tagline reads he’s got nine,lives and a best friend a dream about,autism how they used to play together,when they were young how would it ever,be like this again,the orange tabby is as curious as they,come but his inquisitive nature leads to,his questionable safety,fortunately Otis the Pug is never too,far behind valiantly trying to save his,friend oh just making sure to keep his,teeth tightly clenched a story where the,stage is shared,Milo plays his part to perfection your,strange-looking cat Milo said oh I’m not,a cat I’m a dog Otis replied Milo tried,to figure this out and said all right a,dog I understand but um really a deep,down inside we’re all cats right a cat,you could try and keep as a pet expect,adventure on a daily basis you have no,idea what I’ve been through,bears snakes even seagulls

Number 04 ,sassy,homeward bound the incredible journey,

Thank You precious an incredible cat for,an incredible journey,Sassy’s everything her name would have,you believe she is I never understand a,thing when they do this me neither,but she lies well humor them she’s smart,talking a little sarcastic and very,brave try shadow,please try it’s one thing to find,yourself a long way from home but as a,cat it’s another to be lost with just,two dogs for company canines,this movie’s a battle of the species and,sassy isn’t gonna lose I just got those,two back hmm I will not lose them now,she’s also not gonna fail to find her,owner no dummy dummy dummy dummy look,bozo if ever a cat can be an inspiration,it’s now after this I intend to live,indoors on a velvet cushion filled with,bird feathers and be served filet of,mouse on a silver platter,all right sassy .

Number 03 mr. tinkles,

cats and dogs you,does not wear up on it it’s not exactly,a name that strikes fear into the heart,of man or even dog but mr. tinkles is,the power-hungry puss who’s bidding to,once and for all kill off all things,canine that still I need to crush you if,sassy had an occasional dislike for dogs,tinkles has an overriding unending,hatred for them just beating Kitty,galore to be the very best of the very,bad on this countdown my name is Kitty,hello tinkles is furiously fluffy or,perhaps fluffily furious I wanted to say,here why because I hate you go either,way he’ll have to pipe down and settle,

number two,the Cheshire Cat Alice in Wonderland

all,this tokens blood and slaves put me off,my feet,arguably the most famous cat in all of,fiction full stop Lewis Carroll’s,Cheshire Cat was brought effectively to,the big screen by Tim Burton in 2010 I,really do love that voiced by Stephen,Fry this is an animal of considerable,complexity Jessie since you wouldn’t be,needing it anymore,would you consider bequeathing it to me,conversationally he’s a little hard to,engage with philosophically he’s almost,impossible to understand logically he,shouldn’t exist down with the bloody big,head bloody big head being the Red Queen,all those things aside there’s a silver,medal hung around his neck and,deservedly so what happened that day was,enough my point though we can also give,a nod to the mischievous singing feline,from Disney’s animated Alice in,Wonderland from 1951 there’s no question,that Cheshire is a movie cat to remember,a twas brillig and the slithy tall,the guy ran the Cobell in the way before,we unveil our top pick here are a few,honorable mentions be Nucky,do you like it Figaro we were just,practicing fighting and Klein artists,ofa’s do not practice biting and clawing,and fix like that it’s just horrible,

Puss in Boots the Shrek,

franchise now yoga pray for mercy from,Puss in Boots there are plenty of fairy,tale things scattered across the Shrek,franchise but few have found as much,fame as this beeline inspired by the,iconic outlaw Zorro one of my nine lives,I was the great cat burglar or Santiago,de Compostella,Puss has an Antonio Banderas Spanish,accent and an untimely inclination for,fur balls he can switch from a butter,wouldn’t melt baby face,to a wooden stand a chance swordsman and,he does it all with serious stuff the,literal and figurative cat’s whiskers he,gets our cream,he’s a feline extraordinaire shrek but,you baby I could be

do you agree with,our list which cat did we miss well,you’re just gonna have to trust me on.