The 8 Most Interesting Quizzes of the Week

The 8 Most Interesting Quizzes of the Week

Whether you’re waiting for your name to be called at the doctor’s office, or whether you’re biding your time until the next season of your favorite show comes out, it can be difficult to decide what to occupy your time with. If you’re like me, you want something that’s entertaining, but isn’t too mentally taxing, so that you can just switch it off if you need to quickly put your attention elsewhere. For me, the perfect quick entertainment fix is the internet quiz. Whether you prefer trivia or want to know what kind of electrical appliance you are, there’s something for everyone. Here’s 8 of the most interesting quizzes this week.

  1. Eat Breakfast For Every Meal To Reveal What Dip You Are In Your Soul

Are you like me and feel hungry ALL the time? Well, imagine if each meal was the most important meal of the day. How do you like your eggs in the morning, noon, and night? Do you prefer pancakes or waffles and how much pork are you willing to consume in one day? Use this quiz to find out if you and your favorite chips are a match made in heaven.

  1. Choose Some Cosy Things And We’ll Tell You What Fall Drink Matches Your Vibe

Fall is finally here, and that means it’s time to dig out your favorite pair of fluffy socks, put on your favorite scary movie and get a cup of your favourite fall drink. Not too sure what your favourite fall drink is or think it’s time to try something new? This quiz will give you the fall drink that most closely matches your vibe.

  1. What Starseed Are You?

Have you ever wondered if you were meant to be a star? Well, if you want to find out what the stars you’re matched with say about your personality, the starseed quiz is designed to tell you just that. Are you another notch on Orion’s belt or are you part of the Seven Sister constellation?

  1. Shop At Target And We’ll Tell You What 90’s Sitcom You Are

Whilst most of us need to exercise self-control at Target, this quiz allows you to shop to your heart’s content. Plan the ultimate ‘treat yo’ self’ day and find out what 90’s sitcom best matches your personality.

  1. Which Female Cult Classic Character Should You Be This Halloween?

As fun as Halloween is, finding the perfect costume can be a very stressful experience. This quiz takes away some of the stress of deciding your perfect costume. Get ready to be recognised instantly and be the centre of attention.

  1. Order a Burrito and We’ll Give You a Netflix Rom-Com to Watch Tonight

If you’re hungry and unsure of what to watch tonight, this quiz might be the answer. Plan your dream burrito and let the quiz tell you what rom-com you should watch whether you’re with your friends or enjoying some ‘you’ time.

  1. Which Female Studio Ghibli Character Are You Based On Your Idea of a Dream Home?

Whether you’ve always wanted to live in Howl’s Moving Castle or you’ve always wanted to visit the spa in Spirited Away, there’s an indescribable comfort that comes with watching a Miyazaki film. Unleash your inner architect and design your dream home to find out what female Ghibli character you are.

  1. Make An Aesthetic Vision Board And We’ll Predict Your Future

If you’re like me, the future can seem distant and terrifying. It’s hard to know where we’ll be in five or ten years. Why not let this quiz ease your mind and make yourself an aesthetically pleasing vision board and let the quiz tell you where you’ll be in the future.