The Most Adorable Kitten Movies

If you love cats, then you will definitely love cat movies. There are many movies in which cats played a significant role alongside the main star of the movie. Sometimes they played so excellently that they even overshadowed the main character of the film.

In this article, we will discuss some of the animated and real kitten movies that will leave you bewildered after watching the versatile roles played by the kittens.

Animated Kitten Movies

The Aristocats

The Aristocats is a classic animated movie produced by Disney. It is a cartoon movie showing how a crafty tomcat helped to escape the Persian mama cat and her three kittens after a kidnapping. The movie depicts some very interesting characters all played by kittens.

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

Garfield visits England to follow Jon. He receives the royal treatment when he finds his look like ruling over the grand castle. A deadly evil Lord Dargis wants to convert the castle into a resort. He traps the Prince cat and dumps him in the river. Overall, a very playful movie about the cat.


The movie features a kitten named Cape living in a high-rise building with his mother, Blanket. One day Cape left the home for an adventurous journey. His mother who otherwise was very fearful overcomes her fear and finds his son with the help of Macaw.

Real Kitten Movies

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

This is a fabulous movie about kitten Milo and pug Otis. Kitten and pug travel the long journey to find each other after they get separated. This is a heart-touching movie and a well-played role by kitten as Milo and also pug Otis. The animal or cat lovers find this movie screened beautifully.

Homeward Bound & The Incredible Journey

This is the most adventurous movie of two dogs with one cat Sassy. All three pets were mistakenly left behind when their owner went on a holiday. The movie is a beautiful presentation of their incredible journey to reunite with their owner. All three animals played their roles remarkably well, especially the cat.


This is an award-winning documentary on Istanbul through cats’ eyes.  It has shown the precise personality of each cat along with the residents of Istanbul who are continuously caring for and loving those cats. A heart touching and stunning photography of cats’ emotions takes the movie to an altogether different level.

Final Words

Kittens are very special characters in the films. Whether a comic character Tom in ‘Tom & Jerry’ or an emotional & heart-melting character in Kedi, kittens play a very important role in the movies.