Top 5 Famous Cat and Mouse Game Movies

The following are some of the very popular movies on the theme of the Cat and Mouse game.

1.    The Dark Knight

Apart from a comic movie, the Dark Knight is a crime thriller with a philosophical tug of war between the hero Batman and the villain Joker. The main focal point of the film is of grip and tension. It’s one of the best crime action thrillers which is filled with breathtaking action sequences and of course with a beautiful script.

2.    Terminator Two: The Judgement Day

It is one of the best science fiction movies of the 1980s which is based on the script of a  cat and mouse game. This film is impressed with perfect thrilling action sequences, and humor, and above all the cat and mouse game theme to attract the audience.

3.    The Prestige

It is one of the best movies of Christopher Nolan in 2006. The movie is a crime mystery thriller. It is based on the rivalry of two magicians who attempt to elevate each other, become more dangerous, and ultimately reach deadly new heights.

4.    Zodiac

This film is based on a notorious killer and his unsolved cases. The killer plays a cat and mouse game with the investigators. This is a story based on a real-life incident in San Francisco in the late 60s. The murderer plays with investigators by giving them cryptic clues, messages, and pieces of evidence. But their hunt for the zodiac killer remains unsolved. This movie is one of the best cat and mouse game movies in Hollywood.

5.    The Evil Within

This is a horror crime thriller movie. It focuses on detective Sebastian Castellanos who was investigating a murder and playing a cat and mouse game with the evil spirit.

Final Words

So, these were some of the cat and mouse game movies that show mirrors to the evil-minded people of society. And also alert the good people of the society to beware of these elements and protest against them to protect the society. This is only a small list of such movies. Many more movies are made around this theme and liked by the audience.