What to expect when watching movies with your kittens?

Those who own kittens would have observed that their little critters sit beside them at get fully engrossed in the television program and at times react aggressively. And it’s not the wildlife show that they are watching. It is, in fact, your favorite movie that you have been watching on your fav movie channel.

What exactly they are up to?

Are they able to understand the story sequence?

Or it is the colors and the movements that are attracting them?

Are they considering the show as the real-life happening?

Or they know that it is an act or a play?

You wonder how they would behave if they believe the movie to be real. Would they harm themselves? And do you need to take any precautions while they watch the movies with you?

Well, before knowing about the precaution that you need to take we will try to understand why these lovely kittens want to watch a TV show or a movie in the first place.

What interests your kitten while watching a movie?

Cats have the capability of seeing the yellow, blue, and green colors. They can view the full range of these spectrums. Now, the advanced TVs have high resolution that allows the felines to see the images on the TV very clearly.

They may actually enjoy watching the movements and actions of the movies without really understanding the significance of what all is going on there in the story.

They can sometimes get disguised and take it for the real-life image. For instance, in a movie sequence portraying wild-life, they may consider the wild-beast as the little creatures as they are appearing too small on the screen.

Your pet can actually go in the hunt of this little one when they disappear from the sides. You may suddenly find your pet running towards the screen or at times may sit on the side waiting to catch the little beast the moment it comes out.

You may find them intrigued and observe them searching the animals at the back or under the TV.

What care do you need to take when your kitten is watching the movie?

You do not need to worry about their eye sight. Watching movies at even a close distance won’t harm your pet’s eye. However, what can harm it is its adventure in hunting the prey. Not, of course, from the beast inside the screen but the one projecting the biggie as a little one.

Yes, if they get too much captivated by the actions, they may decide to participate in the sequence. In their anxiety to catch the animal on the screen, they can jump on to it and get themselves hurt.

So, you need to expect this and be prepared for such a reaction from your pet cat. However, all cats do not behave alike. Some cats may be more reactive than the others; In fact, some of these pets would not even pay any heed to the movies.

So, you have to observe your cat’s interest in the movies. If you find them to be reactive you need to take a few precautions to avoid them from harming themselves.

First and foremost, do not allow them to watch the movies in your absence.

Secondly, install your TV on the wall that is inaccessible to the cat.

You can start interacting with your pet if you see the pet heavily involved and is reacting to a particular movie or a sequence. Besides, you can divert its attention by start playing with it or can give it a toy to play with.

Final Words

So, this is what to expect when watching movies with your kittens and the precaution you need to take to protect them from getting injured.