Why are cats always portrayed as mean and nasty Villains in Movies?

Cats have been a part of human nature since the dawn of time. Dogs and cats are said to be man’s true friends, but dogs are loved and kept as pets by humans more than cats. This is because, from the very beginning, cats were considered by our ancestors as a bad omen.

How cats became Villains and Nasty characters in Movies?

The Shiny Eyes

There are some features that all of us treat cats as a symbol of bad omen. You might have seen cats, as well as the owl, which is symbolized as horror creatures in many movies. Both of these creatures have the ability to watch and see in the dark. Their pair of eyes shine like fire in the night. Especially a black cat seen in the dark will give you a scary feeling. Cats are the miniature forms of cruel animals like tigers and lions. This also attributes our thought to assume it to be a horrible creature.

Other Horrifying Features and Stories

They have the ability to produce voices and especially on dark nights, some sounds produced by them create panic among us. Most horror movies show a black cat suddenly jumping up and down at a time when it is quiet enough to create an atmosphere of horror in the audience. There are many stories around about the ominous nature of cats. Let’s take a look at some of them and you will understand why cats are portrayed negatively in movies.

Pets to Witches in fairy tales.

Cats are the lovable pets of witches in fairy tales. In most of the fairy tales, witches are accompanied by a feline. The witches change her form to a cat to attract and seduce people to do her black magic.

‘Sherkhan’ the world-famous Villain cat

The character of ‘Sherkhan is a villain familiar to everyone. Jungle Book the famous story by Rudyard Kipling also portrayed the tiger, which is the largest animal in the family of the cat as a cruel villain.

The famous movie Lion King-  Scar

Lion King the well-known Hollywood movie also portrays a lion named ‘Scar’ as a cruel villain which is also from the cat family as a villain.

Final Words

There was a time when cats were considered not only as an evil spirit but also worshipped as God in ancient Egyptian culture. Historical records show that cats were worshiped as God in ancient Egyptian civilization. We can clearly see that in the famous movie ‘The Mummy’ that cat is the image of God working against the evil forces in that movie. However, the cat is considered a bad omen. This is why the frightening thoughts of human beings portray a cat as the villain in the movie and use the cat to create a scary atmosphere.