Why do Villains in movies always have Cats and not Dogs?

Dogs are always humane and do justice to humans. But cats are not like that. Our ancestors considered cats to be a bad omen. If we see a cat for the first time before we start doing anything good, we consider it as a bad thing. That is why in many horror movies, the cat is portrayed as an evil force.

Why is it that all Villains have a cat in their hands rather than dogs?

The villain in a movie is a negative character. A villain has a mind full of all cruelty and evil thoughts. Therefore, a feline fits the character of the villain because it has all the qualities of a villain. A cat can be placed on a lap because it is small in size but it is not practical to hold a dog on your lap. Not only that, but some cats also show different expressions and laugh like humans. All of this is an act of joining a villain for whatever reason. A villain possesses a horror character, to further add to the horror, a feline is the best fit for the scene.

Let us have a look at some villains which holds cats and boost the horror scenes

Harry Potter Movies – Argus Flitch and Mrs.Norris

This is one of the well-known movies in Hollywood. In this movie, you would have noticed that a professor named Argus Flitch holds a cat named Mrs. Norris as his pet. His character is equal to the villain’s role and possesses some evil thoughts. He’s doing his evil activities accompanied by a feline. His character and the cat’s behavior perfectly support each other

The movie Cinderella

In this movie the stepmother of Cinderella, Lady Tremaine owns a cat named Lucifer as her pet. Lucifer, the cat is absolutely strategic. The character of Lucifer is just as evil as the woman in the movie.

Supervillain in the movie James Bond series

The main ambition of the villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the movie is that he wants to dominate the world. On his lap, you can notice Oliver which is his favorite pet. He loved his cat during the hatching of Ernst’s evil plan.

Final Words

Humans always see cats as a bad omen. That one belief continues to occupy our minds since time immemorial. That view is clearly illustrated in movies and cartoons. That’s why in most Hollywood movies villains always carry a feline in their right hand and accompany cats for their evil planning.